We combine great design with business strategies to create incredible results.


Design Methods + Business Implementation


At ThinkWebz, we believe in the power of design. Our process utilizes a design-driven approach with a business strategy in mind. When beautifully crafted content combines with strategical business analysis, something incredible occurs. Almost like magic, a business becomes much more; a memorable image is created, and a brand develops. Take a look at some of the most prominent companies around, what do they all have in common and what effect do they have on a person when they are mentioned? The answer is simple, they all have clean logos, engaging websites, and beautifully designed marketing content. Throughout these methods, they turned their business into a brand that users recognize even among other competitors. Our goal is to develop solutions that provide clients with tools that allow them to establish their very own recognizable brand.


1. Consultation

It all starts with getting to know our clients. We kick off our process by setting up an in-depth consultation to discuss a client’s business or project idea. Whether our meeting is face to face for those that are local, or over video conferences and phone calls for those far, we believe in establishing connections that will ensure we meet all of our client’s goals. In this consulting session, our team gathers valuable information about the client’s business or project that will help us fit our services to align flawlessly with the message they want to convey.

2. Market Analysis

The consultation we have with our clients helps us learn more about their business, but we want to truly optimize our services to fit their needs in every way. Following our consultation, we research by conducting a market analysis that gives us detailed demographics, target market understanding, and a look at the competition in a particular business’ niche. We do this because we think far beyond design, and implementing business perspectives helps us build content that provides results and creates one of a kind brands.

3. Planning

Once we complete our interviewing and research stage, we’re able to begin implementing what we learned by crafting plans that are unique to our clients. It is here where we start to offer robust business solutions, strategic content, and creative ideas. We consider this stage the part in which we take what we learned and start drafting next-level content.

4. Review

Before taking things over to the next stage, we schedule a second consultation with our clients to discuss our findings based on the conducted market analysis and research. During this review, the client’s customized plan for their business or project is outlined, and our team provides advice on which of our services will best benefit them. Approval of these plans takes us to our next process.

5. Design & Development

After project plans and strategies are carefully discussed with our clients and are approved, our design process begins. The initial plans and creative ideas that were shared start to take shape from conceptual designs to finalized content. We make sure to continually update clients on the process of the project and ask for feedback along the way to make sure our ideas align with our client’s vision of the finished product.

6. Execution

Upon finalizing all design aspects and project contents, it’s time to get a client’s project up and running. Our team conducts quality checks on all work to make sure the whole launch process runs smoothly. Additionally, we review the results of all projects with our clients and provide them and their teams with support and knowledge on usage of their new content. The execution stage is one of our favorite moments; we like to thank our clients for trusting us to come along on their journey.

7. Support

Despite completing the project, this does not mean goodbye. In fact, this is just the beginning. We believe in establishing partnerships and building relations with our clients to help results last even after project completion. We’re here to help in any aspect that we can, as we want our clients to be successful in all of their endeavors.